Thursday, October 25

3rd lesson recap & homework for lesson 4 on the 8th of November

This post has four points
  • Next lesson is in two weeks - on the 8th of November 2012
  • Some information about the blog
  • 3rd lesson recap
  • How to prepare for 4th lesson (hosts and homework)
  1. We meet again on the 8th of November because: Ongin kvøldskúlaundirvísing er Alla Halganardag 1.november aftaná kl. 19.30. I will try to update the calendar.
  2. I have a blog for the class
    You are welcome to visit and see if there is anything you find useful. The address is Some of you are interested in the books I recommend. They are here and on and can be bought for DKK in the real world.

  3. Lesson 3 recap

    Edna was our host. She had baked a homemade banana cake. She made coffee and tea in the school. She even brought milk and sugar and napkins and spoons.

    We visited the blog-post mentioning the Dolch word list. The teacher selected some words (in bold) and read them as dictation. The students worked in groups of three and made sentences. They were able to "buy" three words. The had three "coins": red, blue and purple.

    On YouTube we heard Andrew Bentz recite Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham.
  4. Homework for lesson 4 on November 8th - Mariann is our host (Jona andTove are backup) 

    Please, continue to think in simple sentences like this:

    TenseSubjectAuxiliary VerbMain VerbObjects
    Iworkin the city.
    Weflewto Germany last month.
    The chart is extracted from 
    Try to read the blogpost titled Sam-I-am. You may like to watch the YouTube videos that are embedded  in the post.




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