Saturday, October 22

Lesson 04: Women and Men

We will mainly talk about men and women: the difference between the genders.
Host/Vertur: Einherji
Next lesson will be on October 27th, at 8 pm.
The homework was handed out, but I will include a copy in the email for those who didn't make it to class. We will read the text in class but the main work will be in groups.

Real interviews with men about being male.
Real Londoners talking about "Being a Woman"

Vit fara hetta kvøldi at brúka tíð uppá at tosa um kvinnur og men: um munin millum kynini.
Vit hittast aftur kl 20:00, 20. oktober.
Skúlatingini vóru deild út, men eru eisini at finna viðheftan í teldupostinum.

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