Saturday, October 22

Lesson 03 - Notes from class

What we did last time, for lesson no. 03....

1) Greetings once again!!!
  1. The main text -
  1. The pupils read the dialogue in groups of two.
  2. Then we read out load in groups of 4. One director/narrator and 3 characters.
  3. One pupil that didn’t fit in a group read another text.
  4. Second time read-through was performance.
  5. Then the one pupil and the narrators stood up and performed.
  1. We saw a youtube clip about the American handshake with a reference to personal space.
  1. Then we talked about saying more than just “Thanks, I’m fine”....  with inspiration from the article I found at
  1. Phonetic and Howjsay list see Gdocs and Howjsay
  2. Then the students picked one word to use as their own.... and walked in the room and greated each other with the word... instead of simply saying I’m fine.... then they could say that they were blitesome/mirthful etc.
  3. See my video...
    T: Hi pupils! Today we will try alternative greeting replies. How do you do?!
    P: I am blithesome, thank you. How do you do?
    T: I am terrific. Thank you.
    T: The are many words we can use instead of "fine". We can try finding them in a thesaurus or on a list of positive adjectives such as the one on the board. Let’s read them together:
Amazing, Awesome, Blithesome, Excellent, Fabulous, Fantastic
Favorable, Fortuitous, Great, Incredible, Ineffable, Mirthful, Outstanding, Perfect, Propitious, Remarkable, Smart, Spectacular, Splendid, Stellar, Stupendous, Super, Ultimate, Unbelievable, Wondrous
T: Try one of these next time instead of just using “fine”!
2) Fríðbjartur did the host speech!
3) Next was a small intro to grammer...
  1. Talked about human gender when referring to ONE person you can say he/she/they (how it used to be he/she/he.... ). Maybe you want to read the text about personal pronoun on (or the edited version in Gdocs...)
  1. Then we wrote,  what is probably the most common AND most difficult English verb, onto the board
to be
am                singular
you are
he/she/it is 
we are             plural
you are
they are
  1. We also talked about the meaning of the Shakespearean quote “To be or not to be” and listened to the simple philosophy in the Danish jazz song “To be or not to be” - That is the question - but not to me....
  1. Finally... we sang along to two ESL songs
  1. one about the personal pronouns and
  2. the other about the verb to be.
This was the original email:
Host/Vertur: Fríðbjartur
Next lesson will be on October 20th, at 8 pm.
The homework was handed out, but can be found here:
A print version is also available:
After the break we will talk about men and women: the difference between the genders.
Vit hittast aftur kl 20:00, 20. oktober.
Skúlatingini vóru deild út, men eru eisini at finna her:
Og um tit noyast at prenta út av nýggjum, kunna tit spara eitt sindur av pappíri við at brúka hesa leinkjuna:
Aftaná steðgin fara vit at tosa um kvinnur og men: um munin millum kynini.

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