Thursday, February 28

Next lesson is on March 14 & Re: Short letter form Rio De Janeiro

Dear K
(and the rest of the class :)

Thanks for your letter, it is good to hear from you. We miss you. Don't worry nobody has stolen your seat.

Today we read a poem about a someone claiming to be too sick to go to school or work. You can read "Sick" by Shel Silverstein on the website. You can also look at a subtitled reading on Vimeo

We did also read a text about a barking dog and we read sentences the pupils had written about dogs.

The class which was supposed to be on March 7 has been cancelled. However, we will have class on March 14 and Anna is our host. Will you be back then?

Our homework is to read two texts. They are online with audio and extra homework. They are both included below.

Have a nice journey.

Best regards,
Your Classmates

> Hello classmates :-)
> As you probably noticed there is an empty chair in the classroom, no I
> did not get cold feet. The reason is that I am at work. I will
> return to class when I come home. I am on board a ship in Brazil.
> Onboard we have got a teacher, who helps us learn
> Portuguese and the locals learn English. We will have classes
> every day.
> Sorry you don't get more from me this time :)
> Best regards
> K

Feel free to visit the links. On Rong Chang's website there are audio files and additional exercises.

Here are the texts for next time:

37. Just a Cough

The TV reporter coughed. Then she coughed again. The other TV reporter was worried. "Are you okay?" he asked. She couldn't answer. She continued to cough. She coughed and coughed. The other reporter dialed 911. "What is the emergency?" the 911 person asked. "I think my friend is dying," said the reporter. "What is your address?" asked the 911 person. "We are at 123 West Hill Street," said the reporter. "Someone will be right there," said the 911 person. But then the woman stopped coughing. She said she was fine. She said thanks to the other reporter. He said, "You're welcome." He called 911 again. He said the emergency was over. He said his friend was okay. She would not die. She was going to live. The 911 person was glad to hear that.

The teacher walked into the classroom. He said, "Good evening, everybody." The students said, "Good evening, teacher." He walked over to his desk. He put his briefcase on his desk. He opened his briefcase. He took his notebook out of his briefcase. He took his books out of his briefcase. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The room was spinning. He sat down. What was wrong with him? He put his hands on the desk. The desk was spinning. He closed his eyes. He opened his eyes. He didn't know what to do. What was wrong? He was sitting in his chair. But he felt like he was floating in air. How could he be floating in air? He sat in his chair for another minute. His students were talking to one another. They did not know how he felt. But he didn't tell them how he felt. He didn't say anything.

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