Thursday, January 10

Tasty Tiger Cake + Jazz Chant THIS THAT THESE THOSE

We have talked about our outfits and complimented each other.

These are my blue jeans
Thatís my shirt.
This red shirt? No, that brown shirt.
Those are my shoes.
These brown shoes? No, those black shoes.
This is my jacket.
That green jacket? No, this blue jacket.
Thatís my t-shirt.
This white t-shirt? No, that red t-shirt.
These are my jeans.
Those black jeans? No, these blue jeans.
Those are my shorts.
These green shorts? No, those white shorts.

This evening Hansia was our hostess. She had baked a striped cake:

Striped Tiger Cake

400 g margarine
6 dL (6*85g=510g) sugar
4 teaspoons vanilla-sugar
5-6 eggs
8 dL (8*60g=480g) flour
4 teaspoons baking-powder
2 dL milk / cream

*  3 tablespoon cacao

Mix the dough. Take out one third into a seperate bowl and add cocao.

Layer the dough in the greased tin or a tin covered with baking-paper: 

White dough
Brown dough
White dough

Bake for 60 minutes in a 175 degrees (normal) pre-heated oven.


Inga is our hostess next week. 

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