Thursday, February 9

Fwd: Next class 16th February - Three Simple Sentences

Dear pupils

We are now going to repeat words and sentences in different tenses. (Vit fara nú at terpa -  orð og setningar í ymsum føllum/tíðum nútíð og tátíð - ja broyta tað vit kunna broyta fyri at fáa orðini at sita)

Next time we will use the this book in class (The link is to Google books: Ensk mállæra By Ása Hátún & Una Poulsen). You can also find it embedded on my blog (Næsta tíma fara vit at brúka hesa bókina in class (leinkjan er til Google útgávuna Ensk mállæra eftir Ása Hátún & Una Poulsen). Hon er eisini á mínum bloggi.)

Write 3 SIMPLE sentences on your own paper or below (Skriva 3 einfaldar setningar niðanfyri ella á einum øðrum pappíri. Teir skula skrivast  á Føroyskum og síðani umsetast til enskt)

  1. FAROESE: _____________________________________________________________ 

    ENGLISH: _____________________________________________________________ 

  2. FAROESE: _____________________________________________________________  

    ENGLISH: _____________________________________________________________ 

  3. FAROESE: _____________________________________________________________  

    ENGLISH: _____________________________________________________________ 

Elisabeth is our hostess (Elisabeth er vertur okkara næstu ferð)

Your sincerely


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sigidisig said...

Dear Emilo - Thank you so much for your comment. Your English is really good:)

I will keep your comment here at least for a while... Maybe I will get around to posting you a reply, or someone will beat me to it.

Please, let me know if you have any luck in recieving a Faroese stamp:)

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