Monday, October 3

Lesson 02 - Notes and Worksheet

It was nice to meet the pupils that made it to the first lesson, we will meet again for next lesson!
I have written them a handout. Notes on page one and worksheet on page two. I expect them to read the English text first.

EWS-2011-UNIT01_L02-web Notes and Worksheet Sigga Vang


Regarding the 6th of October, 2011 lesson
Filename: EWS-2011-UNIT01_L02-web

In English
Á føroyskum
First of all....

Please do not worry about the D assigment on the worksheet
I do not want you to worry about it. Please just copy, write out, the most difficult sentence. We will work the rewriting in class!

Fyrsta boð:

Ikki gera nakað burturúr at svara uppá spurning D á arbeiðsblaðnum.

Í staðin skula tit bara skriva tann setningin tit halda vera torførast av. So arbeiða vit uppá at gera hann lættari í felag.

Regarding Part A on the worksheet:
Read and re-read the text and read it out aloud.

Viðvíkjandi A uppgávuni á arbeiðsblaðnum
Les tekstin, les hann einaferð afturat, og les so upp fyri tær sjálvum ella onkrum tú kennir!

Regarding Part A on the worksheet:
Some of you might like to read the phonetic version also.
It is available on the blog. Please, hava a LOOK at it!

Viðvíkjandi A uppgávuni á arbeiðsblaðnum
Onkur tykkara vil kanska brúka ljóðskrift tá tit lesa tekstin.
Tit eru vælkomin at hyggja eftir blogginum.
Regarding Part C on the worksheet:
Try your best! But do not worry about it if it is too difficult.
The "Cats are perfect pets" is a statement
Imagine that you are arguing with someone
You have to give a reason for you answer

Viðvíkjandi C uppgávuni á arbeiðsblaðnum:
Roynið tykkara besta! Men tað er eingin truppulleiki um tit ikki skilja hvat eg meini við
"Kettur er tey bestu húsdjórini" er ein útsøgn!
Tit kunna ímynda tykkum at tit hava trætast við onkran, og tú fært síðsta orðið
Gev eina orsøk til at tú ert einig(ur) ella ikki

C) Yes or no - share your opinion.
_____ Cats are perfect pets

C) Ja ella nei – sig hvat tú heldur.
_____ Ketta er tað besta húsdjóri.

Do you agree
The statement
"tí at"
"kettur eru (ov) lættar at ansa!"

Cats are perfect pets
cats are so easy to care for!

Cats are perfect pets
cats are too easy to care for!

vh Sigga - 211255

English with Sigga

A) Reading

  1. Sigga teaches English on the second floor in the Evening School Building in Tórshavn.
  2. The class starts at 8 o'clock sharp Thursday evenings.
  3. There is to be a lot of learning, reading and talking.
  4. But everyone is also expected to bring a cup or mug along.
  5. On the first day, the teacher even brought a jar of sugar to class.
  6. This was because of the "Snack Presentation".
  7. Before the break the host is expected to give a short speech.
  8. The host will explain which refreshments he or she has brought along.
  9. It will most likely be coffee and tea in vacuum flasks, some milk and something to eat.
  10. The presentation will end with the announcement: "The food is ready, please help yourselves!"
  11. Everyone will take turns being the host according to the teacher's roll book.

B) True or False

Five simple statements. Write a T for True or an F for False

The teacher is a man.

The students are children.

The students are silent during the whole lecture.

The teacher is hosting every class.

The students are grownups.

C) Yes or No – Share Your Opinion

Pick one statement. A or B.

A cup is best for drinking tea.

It is fine for the students to be 7 minutes late.

Statement A or B is (not) correct, because

D) Writing

Copy the most difficult sentence.
In class we will work on rewriting it, making it easier to understand.

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